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Choose from Happythought’s printable paper mask templates.

Animal masks to print out and make by Happythought
6 DIY paper dragon mask templates to design and make at home
Brand new dragon mask templates to download and make in an instant. See more here

All mask sets come with easy to follow instructions and color in templates to create your own look.

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Animal masks, calavera masks, lucha libre masks, alebrije masks, unicorn masks. super hero masks and Halloween masks.

Easy mask making: Paper Alebrije mask video tutorial

Make a DIY paper jaguar mask

These printable Alebrije templates are inspired by vibrant Alebrije sculptures. Mexican folk art carvings depicting animals, people, objects, and imaginary creatures are painted with intense colors and intricate patterns. Be a wild jaguar!

Have fun crafting with everyone and be sure to encourage some creative play at school, home or at a parties. Perfect for play dates, party themes, creative play, theatre groups and rainy day activities.

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