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ellen deakin & harry olden photo portraits for happythought

Ellen Deakin & Harry Olden – Happythought.

Ellen studied design at Glasgow school of art in a golden era when there was shiny new computers at one end of the hall and a letter press studio at the other. She went on to work as a graphic designer, illustrator and art director for animation, working with clients such as BBC Scotland, Scottish Ballet, Channel 4, Playhouse Disney and Lupus films.

Ellen is a self confessed stationery junkie and lover of all things crafty, never happier than when designing a new printable for the Happythought Paper Craft store. We are also featured in to paper two craft books. Beautiful paper cutting featuring a fox figure. Mollie makes papercrafts is an eclectic mix of many paper craft arts. Plus Folksy Three king paper crafts and Christmas, Easter and Birthday greetings from an animated Polly.

She and Harry have two children, meaning a mountain of parties to throw and two willing guinea pigs for her paper craft designs. Projects for her own children and home flourished into a range of papercraft ideas and she fell in love with the flexibility of printables.

About us at Happythought

Her philosophy is to keep thing simple, with the minimum of kit – all that is needed for the majority of our projects are a pair of scissors and a glue stick. The goal is to produce realistic, do-able, aesthetically pleasing paper printables, full of WOW factor.

Harry also studied at the Glasgow School of Art and went on to specialist in 3d graphics, nightclubbing, djing, club graphic design and more recently web design and co-parenting our children.

For the meantime, the Happythought family is located in Chile and UK, raising their bi-lingual children Harvey and Missy and expanding their Happythought emporium from their adobe studio whilst enjoying a fine view of the Andes. We love a fiesta at Happythought and have put together some party kits to celebrate Burns night, 5 de Mayo and Day of the Dead.

We appreciate every sale and enjoy interacting with our customers. Expect more exciting products and developments from Happythought and feel free to suggest ideas.

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4 thoughts on “about us

  1. Thank you!!
    My students and I Absolutely Love everything!
    I have even shared your about us with them, it’s important they have knowledge and background about the Artists as well.
    I’m writing to request a goat and horse mask to have your Chinese color and decorative design on it so 2nd graders can have the choice of this year’s rabbit or their own zodiac sign to make.
    Thank you, Cassie

  2. We love your books! Will you be making a book on hedgehogs?

    1. Hi Kathryn, Great idea! Unfortunately the next book won’t be about hedgehogs but the Queens favourite dog, the corgi. Read more here.

  3. Hello and thanks as always for your awesome projects! I am a Craft Club member, and I have downloaded the Maracas in color and the black and white color in versions. They are great!

    Thanks so much,
    -Eileen Plichta

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