DIY Axolotl mask template


Free for Happythought CraftClub members – easy templates and tutorial to craft this Axolotl mask for a party costume.

• Axolotl mask templates + video tutorial
• Color in Axolotl mask template
• Axolotl facts and color in worksheet

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Axolotl mask template: DIY inspired crafts for adults and children

Make an easy Axolotl mask, with Happythought’s DIY mask template. The PDF includes two adorable color ways, as well as an Axolotl mask to color in, a Axolotl fact sheet and coloring in page.

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Easy to make DIY 3D paper Axolotl mask. Instant PDF download

Watch the video tutorial and make your own Axolotl mask

PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) file contains the following templates/patterns:

1) Axolotl mask template and instructions in 2 color ways
2) Axolotl mask black and white color in template
3) Axolotl black and white color in fact worksheet

DIY Axolotl mask template: axolotl masks facts activity templates
Axolotl mask templates with a fact sheet

Includes instruction sheets with step-by-step photo instructions showing how to assemble your mask. Our digital templates are designed to be easy to make. We like things simple too!

Learn a little bit more about this amazing creature:

The Axolotl is only native to the freshwater of Lake Xochimilco and Lake Chalco in the Valley of Mexico. The wild population is under heavy pressure by the growth of nearby Mexico City. The IUCN Red List of Threatened Species lists axolotls as critically endangered.

As legend has it, the Axolotl is the Aztec god of fire and lightning, Xolotl, who disguised himself as a salamander to avoid sacrifice. These amphibians have the ability to regenerate limbs and stay forever young throughout their lives. Unlike other salamanders, axolotls never outgrow their juvenile stage.

Their sweet smiles  turn into vacuum cleaners when it’s meal time. Axolotls suck in their prey, including crustaceans, mollusks, insect eggs and small fish. Axolotls live for around 10 to 15 years if properly cared for in captivity.

Captive populations are thriving in labs, and the endearing salamanders also make popular pets. Gamers have got to know these animals after they were introduced as playable characters in Fortnite. axolotls also feature in Minecraft.

2 axolotl 3D masks templates to make

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