Printable Easter DIY Bingo

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Printable Easter Bingo for some Holiday fun time at home.

• 10 Bingo cards
• 2 caller cards
• Easy instructions

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    Print and play Easter Bingo!

    These picture bingo boards feature Easter ducks, eggs, bunnies, chicks, hearts, hedgehogs and flowers. Lots of fun for all the family, this printable game is ready to download, print and play now. A fun DIY activity for stay at home craft time.

    To get started, choose a player as your bingo caller. Prepare some counters for the players beforehand – each player will need 16 counters. You could use coins, popcorn seed or scraps of paper as counters.

    Next decide if you are playing for a horizontal or vertical row, or for the whole board! Cut out the picture cards and put them in a bag or hat. To play the game, the caller pulls out one card at a time, showing the picture and calling what it is  – for example “Yellow Rabbit!”.

    If the player has the picture on their card they can cover it with a counter. When a player covers all their pictures they can call BINGO! The first to do so is the winner!

    To raise the stakes why not give out mini easter eggs or treats as prizes?

    Print and play this Easter DIY Bingo game!

    Printable download includes 10 Bingo cards, 2 pages of caller cards and easy to follow instructions.

    Easter bingo printable DIY game. Perfect home family activity

    Looking for a fun and easy game to play at home? BINGO!

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