6 printable Unicorn Masks

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Templates and instructions for making your own cute unicorn masks. Watch the Video tutorial and make a mask in no time.

• 6 full color Unicorn mask templates and instructions
• Black & white mask templates to color-in your own way


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Make your own super cute Unicorn Masks with Happythought’s 6 printable mask templates: Daisy, Galaxy, Flutterby, Twinkle, Oceana and Rainbow Unicorn masks!

Watch our video of Ellen making a Rainbow Unicorn mask here on youtube.

How to make a unicorn mask, simple templates, plus easy to follow instructions to make unicorn masks

Hooray! Make your own fun Unicorn masks with these great new printable mask templates from Happythought. Six 3D Unicorn masks to download, print and make. Including black and white colour in versions that are ideal for fun playtime, birthday parties, creative activities and family crafting.

DIY unicorn mask templates to print out and make at home
DIY unicorn mask templates to print out and make at home

PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) files containing the following mask templates:

• 6 DIY Unicorn full color mask templates
• 1 Black & white Unicorn mask template to color-in your own way
• Easy to follow photo instructions

How to make cute unicorn masks in class - templates included
Make cute unicorn masks in class – Easy templates and instructions

Perfect for the class room

Why not add your own touch with the additional black and white unicorn mask templates, ready to color in your way. Add glitter, gems and ribbons too!

Exclusive to the Happythought CraftClub, these cute 3D paper masks are free to download for Happythought members. Hooray!

These easy printable pdf templates are free to download to Happythought Members, a part of the Happythought CraftClub.

Make DIY unicorn masks in class or an activity at home
Make DIY unicorn masks in class or an activity at home

Easy to make printable unicorn masks

six DIY unicorn mask templates to print and make

The Happythought printable unicorn masks come in full color, and also as black and white versions to color in your own way.

You can use these templates in the classroom, for homeschool, a unicorn party or as a fun play time activity. All you need are the Happythought printable unicorm templates, scissors, a glue stick and some ribbon to secure your mask.

DIY at home or in class s easy to make unicorn mask templates and instructions
DIY at home or in class s easy to make unicorn mask templates and instructions

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Make your own Unicorn mask!
Color in and decorate a Unicorn mask your way!
Colorful DIY Unicorn masks - choose your favorite!
Print and make these colorful DIY Unicorn masks

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We hope you enjoy these Happythought printable unicorn masks. Be sure to join the Happythought CraftClub here to get creating today! If so, please give us a little love; by liking us on facebook, pinning us on pinterest or following us on twitter. Thank you!


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