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How to make a hanging sloth planter

Make an adorable hanging sloth planter using air or oven dry clay. Mould a ball of clay into a hanging sloth, then pack with earth and mini succulents for a unique hanging planter!

Plant succulents and use the hanger to decorate your home

Paint on a happy face and tie on a tassel or bauble to add the finishing touch to your design.


Air dry or oven dry modelling clay
Acrylic paints
Succulent plant cuttings
Yarn or string

Original homemade decorations from Happythought: Easy to make hanging sloth planter

How to make your sloth planter : step-by-step instructions

Bring nature into your house with this easy homemade sloth planter

1 . Break off a handful of clay and form a ball.
2. Using your thumbs, make a deep well in the center of the ball.
3. Pull out and form the arms and legs from the side of the well.
4. Flatten the ends of the limbs and wrap one over the other, as shown.
5. Use a stick to mark the Sloth’s eyes.
6. Stuff your finished model with newspaper and leave to dry over night, or bake in a kiln or oven if applicable.
7. Once your sloth planter is dry, you can start painting it. Add a white base for the face.
8. Then add the details of the face, and some hair!
9. Place some colorful string or yarn through the arms and legs of your sloth.
10. Now add some earth and small succulent plants.
11. Pack the earth below and around the plants, using a teaspoon.
12. Add a colorful tassel and your sloth planter is ready to hang!

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How to make a sloth planter for indoor home decoration
Make an adorable sloth planter. Quick photo tutorial on making your own.
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  1. But won’t the moisture from the soil damage the sculpture after a while since air dry clay isn’t water tight? Is there anyway to prevent this?

    1. Hi Chloe, thanks for your question. We find that putting a varnish or even PVA glue as a finish keeps things water tight. Hope that helps?

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