10 printable wild animal masks

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10 Wild Animal printable masks: Lion, Hippo, Elephant, Snake, Giraffe, Tiger, Monkey, Leopard, Crocodile and Zebra masks to print out and make.

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    Wild animal masks: Lion, Hippopotamus, Elephant, Snake, Giraffe, Parrot, Monkey, Leopard, Crocodile and Zebra.

    Try our 10 printable wild animal masks. Easy and fun to assemble, these beautiful masks all come with simple to follow instructions.

    Watch the video tutorial and see how to make a paper zebra mask

    This set of printable 3D paper masks are ideal for: costumes, dress up, rainy days, safari games, classroom, educational worksheets, home school, school plays, craft decorations, creative play dates, party ideas and World Book Day activities and easy costume ideas.

    The beauty is that once you have purchased the printable templates you can make as many masks as you like and use them over and over!

    10 printable wild animal masks: Homemade party and dress up costume masks!

    Printable paper craft activity and dress up as wild animals ideas
    Templates to create your own paper masks

    PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) file contains the following templates/patterns:

    1) Zebra mask template and instructions
    2) Lion mask template and instructions
    3) Elephant mask template and instructions
    4) Hippo template and instructions
    5) Snake mask template and instructions
    6) Crocodile mask template and instructions
    7) Monkey mask template and instructions
    8) Giraffe mask template and instructions
    9) Leopard mask template and instructions
    10) Parrot mask template and instructions

    11) Color-in mask templates to create your own designs

    Printable color in mask templates - Make your own DIY maks
    Color in your own mask with our black and white printable mask templates

    The above mask templates also include an instruction sheet with step-by-step photo instructions showing on how to assemble each animal mask. Our digital templates are designed to be easy to make. We like things simple too.

    How to make a Zebra, Lion, Parrot and more...click here to see more -
    Included with each mask full color instructions: Zebra, Giraffe and Elephant easy to follow tutorials.

    Includes full instructions of each mask to get you costume ready for the party or fiesta!!!

    Shop at Happythought – a new way to craft. Beautifully crafted party items, favors and classroom worksheets at a fraction of the price. Download the templates and they are yours forever. Fun to make, year after year!

    See more animal dress up ideas, masks and photos on these 10 printable animal masks here: tiger, deer, panda, dog, cat, bear, owl, fox, koala and rabbit.

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