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Day of the Dead nicho craft activity

Day of the Dead craft activity: Printable templates and portraits to make shadow boxes for your ofrenda
4 nicho ideas for Day of the Dead – templates and step-by-step photos

Make a Nicho for Day of the Dead: DIY coloring craft, printable paper nicho video tutorial

Watch here to see how to make a nicho, then download teh templates below or create your own.

This nicho craft activity is an introduction to some of the crafts used in the Mexican Day of the Dead.

Art activity project: Day of the Dead nicho making project

Nichos are ‘shadow box’ style frames that are often featured on Mexican alters, ofrendas or hanging in the home. They are traditionally made of tin or wood and decorated with sequins, glitter and beads. Usually featuring a key object or central figure for whose honor or memory the nicho has been created.

Try this Day of the Dead activity

Make Mexican nicho craft activity: Printable papercraft ideas!
Nichos step-by-step: Craft activity idea!

You will need:

Happythought nicho templates
. scissors, a gluestick, coloring-in pens and/or pencils, sequins and gems for decoration.

Try this art activity for kids: Day of the Dead shadow box crafting!
Step-by-step instructions to Nicho making

Step 1 – Print the nicho craft activity templates onto a light card stock and cut out a nicho frame and shadow box.
Step 2 – Color in the frames with bright colors.
Step 3 – Fold and glue the box frame and color in the central image, or stick another image of your choice on top. You can also add 3D objects, for example paper or plastic flowers, mini figures or trinkets.
Step 4 – Glue the frames to the box.
Step 5 – Decorate your nicho with sequins and gems.

Day of the Dead DIY nichos idea: Includes 5 printable templates make your own nichos!
Black and white template sheets to print out and color in or use to craft Nichos in other materials
DIY activity ideas: Shadow box frame templates!
Shadow box frame templates
Easy assemble DIY activity: Paper craft activity idea!
Buy the templates here

More ideas and printables from Happythought

Printable box frame templates: Day of the Dead nicho craft activity!
Printable nichos and tin can labels!

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  1. I bought this years ago. I’m an art teacher and changed it up a bit so my kids could make them a little larger and do their own designs. We also make the outside frame with metal tooling. This template saved me so much time and helped me let their students put their own twist on it. I would love to share photos! Thanks so much! Best $5 I ever spent!

  2. You have to click “happythought nicho templates” and then you can buy the template pack for $5.00 good news is it comes with almost ten additional activities! and there are at least 5 nicho templates… worth it!

  3. it´s beautyfull!!!!

  4. me encantan tus ideas, son genialesy para esta temporada mas me encantaria las plantillas para realizarlo

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  12. I am excited to try these, but I can’t get the templates. Thank you for the great idea!

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