DIY Anubis mask template


Free for Happythought CraftClub members – easy templates and tutorial to craft this Anubis mask for a party costume.

• Anubis mask templates + video tutorial
• Color in Anubis mask template
• Anubis facts and color in worksheet

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Anubis mask template: DIY inspired crafts for adults and children

Make an easy Anubis mask, with Happythought’s DIY mask template. The PDF pack includes your Egyptian god mask template, as well as an Anubis mask to color in, a Anubis fact sheet and coloring in page.

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Make a paper 3D Anubis mask. Instant printable download Egyptian mask template

Watch the video tutorial and make your own Anubis mask today

PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) file contains the following templates/patterns:

1) Anubis mask template and instructions in 2 color ways
2) Anubis mask black and white color in template
3) Anubis black and white color in fact worksheet

Anubis MASK TEMPLATES sheets
Happythought Anubis craft project worksheets to download

Includes instruction sheets with step-by-step photo instructions showing how to assemble your mask. Our digital templates are designed to be easy to make. We like things simple too!

Learn a little bit more about Anubis, god of the afterlife:

Anubis was the was the jackal-headed god of the afterlife who guided the souls of the dead through the underworld kingdom of his father, Osiris. He was the deity of cemeteries, embalming and the protector of graves. Anubis was known as a friend of the dead.

To help the deceased pass smoothly into the Afterlife, the Egyptians conducted elaborate ceremonies and mummifications. Anubis played an important role in this journey. He helped judge souls after their death and guided lost souls into the afterlife in Duat – the realm of the dead in ancient Egyptian mythology.

Jackals were associated with death as they roamed around cemeteries. Egyptians believed that the color black represented good fortune and rebirth. It was the color of the fertile soil of the Nile that grew yearly crops. They named the land Khem, meaning ‘The Black Land’.

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