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Fabulous mask sets to dress up and get wild!

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Instantly download one of our craft activity packs and get busy with your own project at home or in school. Hours of fun and activities.

All our craft worksheets packs include beautiful papercraft pdf patterns and easy to follow instructions. We like it simple too..

Llamas color in pages for a rainy day, at home or llama fun time

Happythought is a resource for people looking for craft activities and materials. We feature craft tutorials and videos.

What is Happythought?

Happythought is a craft and printables hub! An online papercraft pdf template shop, selling high quality printable digital templates, PDF templates and craft worksheets.

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You can download a craft template within minutes. No need to step out of the door. 

Watch this DIY mask tutorial and see how easy it is to put together a mask costume


Make as many as you like and you can use the template year after year. *Personal use only

Unique craft worksheets:

Designs not available in stores or anywhere else online.

Happythought provides craft resources for families, parents of young children, crafty adults, teachers and homeschoolers.

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Sloth craft book by Happythought
18 fun Sloth crafts and DIY projects

Also check out Happythought’s masks, party decorations, educational activity packs, craft tips and mini top hats. Included are some of our seasonal kits, e.g Christmas, Halloween, Cinco de Mayo, Day of the Dead.

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