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Mini polka dot hats party pattern

mini polka dot hats - spotty party hat DIY no-sew template in 5 pastel colors
Polka dot hats: Templates and instructions. Cat not included in download!

We’re dotty for Mini Top Hats, specially these cute polka dot hats!

Five gorgeous dotty, spotty, polka dot hats in fresh pastel tones. These no-sew templates are easy and fun to make, just following the instructions included with your download.

All you’ll need to make this spotty mini top hat idea, is a printer a glue stick and some scissors. For a long lasting hat we recommend printing onto a slightly heavier matt cardstock but the hats also work well with regular printer paper. Once you’ve made your mini top hat you can attach it to the top of your head with a bobby pin (kirby grip) and you’ll be looking dapper and ready to go!

A step-by-step guide to assembling your paper polka dot hats

Polka dot hats: Spotty accessories party fashion make no sew!
Spotty mini top hat accessories for parties

First make the top of your hat.

1. You will need scissors, a glue stick and some sticky or masking tape.
2. Cut out the ‘top’ and ‘base’ templates.
3. Bend down tabs around the circular section as shown
4. Apply glue to the top of your band and to the right hand edge.
5. Glue down tabs and side until you have a complete cylinder.

Now for the base of your mini top hat.

1. Fold and glue the base sheet back-to-back, so the images are on the outside.
2. Cut out the circular base of your hat.
3. Lightly fold along the horizontal dotted line in the centre of the base.
4. Cut the vertical lines.
5. Apply glue to the triangular tabs as shown.
6. Open up each tab, gently folding along the base.
7. Place the base over the open end of the top of your hat.
8. Press each triangular tab into the inside of your cylinder, holding for a few seconds until the glue is dry.
9. You can add a couple of pieces of sticky tape over the tips to hold tabs firmly in place.
10. Gently bend the sides of your hat base to give it a jaunty feel. A bobby pin at the back will hold it securely in place.

Polka Dot Mini paper top hat templates – Instant PDF download – Includes easy instructions

Polka dot hats templates: Make a mini top hat fascinator for a party from paper!
Mini top hat templates to make with spotty pattern design

Why not try switching bands on the hats and mixing up the color combinations? Or you could use your hats as place settings or party favors, they are perfect filled with easter eggs or other goodies.

More info and ideas for mini top hat patterns

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