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Pineapple pom-pom craft activity

Make a pineapple pom-pom: family craft activity including step-by-step photo instructions!

This adorable pineapple pom-pom is super easy to make and has lots of fun uses. Attach a ribbon to use as a bag charm, or make a hairband, key ring, or fun DIY pineapple jewellery!

Pom-pom craft activity: DIY pineapple homemade craft project: Key ring decoration
Make your own pineapple key ring

To make your pineapple pom-pom, you will need:

Glue gun or strong liquid glue
Sparkly foam paper or metallic card

Time to make: 30 minutes, tops!

How to make a pineapple pom-pom:

Craft activity: Make a yellow pineapple pompom art project step-by-step instructions
Craft activity: Make a yellow pineapple pom-pom

Step 1
Wrap the wool around your hands, approximately 80 times.
Step 2
Carefully slide the coil of wool off your hand.
Step 3
Tie a length of wool yarn around the centre of the coil of wool, securing with a second knot.
Step 4
Now take your scissors and cut through the two loops of wool as shown, being careful not to cut through the centre.

Easy to make red and yellow tropical pineapple. Great classroom craft activty
Easy to make pineapple pom-pom: Step-by-step photo instructions

Step 5
Now to give your pompom a haircut! Carefully trim until you have an even ball. You can roll the pom-pom in your hands to make it more compact and oval shaped.
Step 6
Draw the top of your pineapple onto a sheet of paper and cut it out.
Step 7
Next, trace the shape onto the reverse of your foam or metallic card. Cut it out two of the larger leaf shapes and one of the smaller.
Step 8
Stick the two pineapple tops together as shown. Place the third piece on the reverse.

How to make a DIY pineapple - Homemade DIY pineapple craft project:
Your DIY pineapple pom pom is ready!

Step 9
Finally, attach the top to the pineapple using a hot glue gun or liquid glue. Push the pineapple top into the center of the pom-pom and hold in place until dry. If you want to add a ribbon loop it between the leaves, securing with your glue gun.

To create a headpiece, simply hot glue your pineapple onto the top of a wide hairband. To use as a key ring attach the ribbon to a metal key hoop. Have fun and let us know how you get on and what you make with your pineapple pom-pom.

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