DIY homemade rabbit or bunny mask

Easter bunny mask ideas

Easy rabbit mask template: Download and make a paper rabbit mask instantly

Bunny mask, bunny mask, oh what fun!
Have some bunny fun with Happythought’s easy rabbit mask template. Your download PDF also includes a black and white rabbit mask template to color in, plus a rabbit fact sheet and coloring page.

Easy and fun rabbit costume mask and outfit ideas
Rabbit costume mask and outfit idea

You can use the bunny mask worksheets in class at Easter or as a fun class project for holidays.

Follow our video tutorial below and make your own rabbit mask in no time!

Bunny mask, rabbit animal mask: 10 Printable Animals
Make your own bunny mask and outfit in 20 mins!
Instructions and templates included in your download

10 Printable Animal Masks templates bunny rabbit

Six rabbits facts

1. A group of burrows is known as a warren.
3. Rabbits are herbivores (plant eaters).
5. A rabbit’s foot is believed to bring good luck.
2. Rabbits live in North America. Southwestern Europe, Southeast Asia, Sumatara, parts of Japan, Africa and South America.
4. More than half of the world’s rabbits live in North America
6. Rabbits are born without their fur and eyes closed.

White easter bunny mask template and tutorial

Watch step-by-step DIY bunny mask video on making your own rabbit mask. Mask templates to download and print at home. Perfect for party outfits + costumes.

Want more animal mask ideas, printables, worksheet facts and ideas?
You can buy our all the Happythought Printable Animal Masks set here! Includes B&W masks to color in, plus animal activity fact sheets. The animal mask set features10 animals to dress up as: Bear, Panda, Cat, Dog, Owl, Tiger. Fox, Rabbit, Koala, and a Deer.

If you have time download our fox mask or our cyborg mask. These Happythought masks are to part of our popular Halloween and Animal mask packs.. We are sure you will be pleased with results.

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  1. I love your DIY homemade bunny mask costume!

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