DIY Fruity Maracas


Templates and instructions on making 3 DIY fruity maracas!

• Fruity maracas templates and instructions
• Fruity maracas black and white templates

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Move and shake to the rattle of these DIY Fruity Maracas: Strawberry, Pineapple and a Cactus fruit!

Looking for a musical craft activity? Why not make your own DIY maracas? All you need to make these fun Fruity Maracas are the Happythought printable templates, scissors, a glue stick and some rice!

create make and shake. musical paper maracas template to download

Perfect stay at home activity. So much fun for kids! Coloring in templates included too.

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How to make a fruity Strawberry Maraca

You will need: Happythought maraca templates, scissors, a glue stick, a bowl of rice.

How to make 3 DIY Fruity Maracas: Strawberry, pineapple and a prickly pear
DIY Fruity Maracas: Strawberry, pineapple and a prickly pear

Our strawberry, pineapple and prickly pear maracas are easy and fun to put together. For the rattle sounds we put rice in our maracas. Beans, seeds and other grains work well too.

Printable templates in color and black and white

The templates also include color-in versions so you can paint or decorate them as you like.

DIY Fruity maracas to print, make and color in. Fill with rice and shake away!
DIY Fruity maraca templates to color in

The best high quality 300 dpi PDF craft and worksheet templates you can find. Designed to be teacher and printer friendly. our templates and worksheets also contain simple and easy to follow instructions.

More ideas for your maracas

Why not add some glitter? You can also use these templates as a base for longer lasting papier mache maracas.

What is a maraca?

A maraca is a musical percussion instrument – a rattle used traditionally in Latin and Carribean music. They are played as a pair. Maracas are usually made of leather, wood, or plastic. Now you are ready to make some music!

This is a fun classroom resource for a music class, arts and crafts projects, family craft time or homeschool.

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