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St Patrick’s Day Lucky Leprechaun cottages

On the 17th March each year,  Irish folk all over the world celebrate their saint’s day, St Patrick’s Day!

Make these St Patrick’s Day lucky leprechaun cottages and get ready to celebrate with parades, parties, special foods and drinks, and a whole lot of green!

St Patrick’s Day lucky leprechaun cottages DIY papercraft PDF

printable favor box and decoration templates for St Patricks Day celebration
Leprechaun cottages favor box templates for St Patrick’s Day

Use these easy templates to make a DIY mini Leprechaun home! These adorable cottages double-up as favor boxes – perfect as a St Patrick’s Day gift!

Another fun idea is to hide them around the garden or classroom and make a game of searching for the lucky leprechaun treats. The set also comes with a printable color-in version – perfect as a classroom or library activity.

To help with your celebrations, the Happythought St Patrick’s Day printable party pack contains all you need to throw an instant St Patrick’s Day celebration!

Lucky Leprechaun cottage craft printable
St Patrick’s Day craft templates Lucky Leprechaun

St Patrick’s Day lucky leprechaun cottages

St Patrick’s Day lucky leprechaun cottages are free to Happythought members and includes printable photo props, mini leprechaun hats, popcorn boxes, cupcake sets, favor boxes, poster garlands and more!

Celebrate march 17th St Patrick's Day classroom and party activities
Celebrate march 17th St Patrick’s Day

The cottage templates are part of the Happythought St Patrick’s Day instant part kit.

Leprechaun cottages favor box templates for St Patrick's Day
Leprechaun cottages favor box templates for St Patrick’s Day

Did you know? Leprechaun facts and features:

  • Although these lucky little Irishmen are now synonymous with the color green, early accounts of leprechauns describe them as wearing red.
  • The earliest known folk tale to feature a leprechaun comes from the Middle Ages.
  • Leprechauns are associated with gold. Some stories attribute their wealth to the fine shoes they cobble, others say their role is to protect the treasure of the entire fairy world.
  • Leprechauns are considered a part of the fairy family. Like most fairies, they are small in size and prone to mischief!

You can find more fun leprechaun facts here:

St Patrick's Day printable templates for party or classroom
Printable decoration templates for St Patrick’s Day celebration

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We hope you enjoyed this post and we wish you a happy and lucky St Patrick’s Day!