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How to make Ojo de Dios

DIY Ojo de Dios: Easy to follow step-by-step photo tutorial

In Chile our first Ojo de Dios was made by our daughter Missy, at school. Since then, we love to make them as gifts and decorations.

Easy how to make yarn craft  tutorial: Classroom and homeschool art activity!
Fun classroom and homeschool art activity!

Once you become practised you could move on to an 8 stick mandala shape. There are some beautiful examples of really complex Ojo de Dios online – take a look at the work of Jay Moehler here.

We thought we’d share this tutorial showing you how to make a very simple Ojo de Dios, made with two sticks and a couple of colors of yarn.

To make this craft you will need:

  • Sticks – we used dowling, or you can use kebab sticks or twigs from the garden!
  • Scissors
  • Wool yarn in at least one or two colors
  • Ribbon and feathers (optional)
Instructions on how to make ojo de dios for homeschool or classroom!
Make with sticks, yarn and feathers

Instructions on how to make your own yard decoration

1. Select two sticks and choose two or more balls of colourful wool yarn.
2. Take a ball of yarn and use the end to tie the two sticks together in the middle.
3. Now open up the sticks to make a cross and wrap the yarn in the opposite direction until it feels secure.
4. Start looping the yarn around each stick in turn, as shown.
5. When you are ready to move onto the next color tie a simple knot and snip off the end of the yarn.
6. Now tie the end of your next ball of yarn to one of the sticks and begin looping the yarn around each stick as before.
7. For a neat finish, keep the end of the previous color flush to the stick and wrap the yarn around it as you go.
8. To finish off, you can wrap the wool around each stick. Wind the wool up to the top and then down again, before carrying it round to the next stick.
9. Once you have wrapped all four sticks, tie the end to a loop on the reverse.
10. Now you can add a length of ribbon or braided yarn. Loop these around the sticks, as before, and tie the ends together.
11. We also added some tassels. Cut lengths of yarn or ribbon, then attach as shown.
12. Finally, we added some feathers. We tied them together using yarn then attached them to the back of the Ojo de Dios.

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DIY step-by-step photo tutorial activity Yarn gifts, decoration ideas, homeschool art activities
Make your own ojo de dios!

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  1. Please share video I loved it nd want make this one…love from India❤️

  2. I loved to making these Ojo de Dios decorations in class. They were so easy for my students!!!

  3. Geez these are gorgeous! Thank you for sharing the tutorial. And thank you for sharing SOO many more too! I LOVE your blog here. New Subbie ;D

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