Make your own balloon calavera skull decoration with instructions and DIY template

Easy balloon calavera skulls for Day of the Dead

Make this fun balloon calavera skull decoration for El Dia de los Muertos activities!

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Chinese New Year Monkey mask template cutout and easy instructions

Chinese New Year monkey mask video

Celebrate 2016, year of the monkey!

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Koala mask template/cutout idea!

Printable koala mask and costume

Printable koala mask, colour in templates and colour in worksheets.

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Super cyborg printable colour in 3D paper masks are ideal for: Costume, dress up parties, classroom fun, home school, party ideas and activities.

Cyborg mask and costume idea

Ever wanted to be half human half machine! Why not upgrade yourself with a robot body?

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Day of the Dead skull mask template: Color in your own calavera mask for el Dia de los Muertos!

El Dia de los Muertos template ideas

Colorful + beautiful Dia de los Muertos printables, templates and crafts!

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Easy to make printable cat mask template!

Cat animal mask templates to print

Meow! Cat animal mask templates to print and play!

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Meet Count Dracula - paper Vampire mask step-by-step instructions and template

Vampire mask and costume idea

Be a Count with this chilling paper Vampire mask!

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Day of the Dead sugar skull craft: color in calavera mask template!

Color in calavera masks activity

Calavera or careta mask templates to print, color in + wear!!

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Printable paper mask dog: Templates and patterns!

Printable dog mask video tutorial

Mask making is fun and easy with this printable dog mask!

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