Llama balloon craft project

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Templates and instructions for making these cute llama balloons!

• DIY llama balloon craft templates
• Easy to follow instructions    

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Make your own Llama Balloons: Great llama decorations for parties or play!

Get crafty! Make with these lovely llamas for party decorations!

Make your own llama balloon craft project activity
Llama balloon craft project for class

Make these cool printable llama decorations with this easy to download PDF papercraft templates. The pack features three llama designs.

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A red llama with a green face, a pink faced green llama and a cool blue llama.

How to make a llama balloons craft project
Llama balloons craft activity

No drama llama! Make your party go with a bang with these super cute llama balloons.

They are easy and fun to make, and full of character!

How to make a llama balloons craft project
Llama balloons craft project

You will need:

 • Happythought templates
 • Balloons
 • Balloon sticks
 • Crepe paper
 • Scissors
 • glue

Step-by-step instructions on making a llama activity for class
Step-by-step instructions on making a llama balloon craft

Step 1
Blow up your ballon! Not too big, four good puffs should do it.

Step 2
Prepare 3 strips of crepe paper, fringed along one side.

Easy and fun to make step-by-step-llama-balloon craft idea
Step-by-step-llama-balloon craft

Step 3
Apply the strips to the balloon using a glue stick and a little sticky tape. Start in the middle of the balloon with the tallest strip, then attach the middle strip and top it off with the smallest.

Step 4
Attach the eyes and nose. You can use the templates or draw your own!

Step-by-step instructions on making llama balloons
Step-by-step instructions on making llama balloons

Step 5
Fringe a strip of crepe paper then bunch it up to make a fringe for the llama.

Step 6
Lastly, attach the stick to the balloon. Add some fringed crepe paper to the stick for a fun party vibe!

Easy to make a brilliant llama balloon decoration
Brilliant llama balloon decoration

Make a 3D paper Llama mask tutorial. Instantly download an easy DIY Llama mask template

Watch the video tutorial to see how the paper llama mask is put together

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