Pirate dress up activity pack


All aboard with this awesome Pirate activity dress up pack for kids and adults!

Pack features: Pirate hats, bandanas, headscarves, beards, moustaches, Pirate flags, Pirate Chest, Sea Monster mask, Pirate Monkey mask, Mermaid crown and a Parrot.

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Get ready for a bounty hunt, boarding a rivals vessel or simple some simple backyard treasure hunting

Be a pirate today with Happythought’s Pirate dress up activity pack. Ideal for you and your shipmates.

happythought-pirates-activity printable pack
Get ready for adventure and fun

Crammed full of pirate masks, pirate bandanas, pirate headscarves, pirate beards, pirate moustaches, pirate flags, pirate chest, pirate skull mask, pirate Monkey mask, and a classic Sea Monster mask. We have include a Mermaid or Merman crown to add a bit of sparkle to this rowdy rabble.

A whole array of booty to get you dressed up and ready to start your voyage

make your own paper pirate mask DIY templates

Perfect for the the pirate loving craft fan in your life

PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) file contains the following templates/patterns:

• x3 Pirate hat templates
• Pirate bandana templates
• Pirate headscarf templates
• Pirate beard templates
• Pirate moustache templates
• Pirate Sea Monster template
• Pirate Monkey mask template
• Mermaid/Merman crown template
• Pirate flag templates
• Pirate Chest and Gems template
• Shoulder Parrot template

All the above templates come in black and white so you can color in your own.

pirate dress up activity pack black and white
Black and white templates to colour in your own way
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These printable Pirate dress up activity pack is ideal for:

• Exploring and creating different masks
• Improves your child’s finger skills
• Suitable for children and adults
• Incredibly fun and rewarding to make
• Quality family/friends time activities

Watch this video tutorial and make a mermaid crown

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