DIY homemade deer costume

Deer costume idea and mask template: No-sew deer mask pattern to print and make at home

Perfect for party celebrations, costume, craft templates, cutouts, dress up, fiesta, paper craft tutorial, paper mask making and printable paper craft mask templates.

Dress up as your favourite woodland creature, the deer
Deer mask template to download and make!

DIY printable deer mask templates

10 Printable Animal Masks templates deer

+ easy costume idea!

Easy throw together deer costume with deer mask

Watch the youtube video tutorial on assembling your deer mask template

6 quick facts about deer

1. Deer can live about 10 years in the wild.
2. Deer are mainly herbivorous.
3. Deer are part of the
4. Deer live in their established territories for life — it is said that they prefer to starve rather than to leave their territory.
5. Male deer grow new antlers each year family that include part of the Cervidae reindeer, elk and other species.
6. A group of deer is known as a ‘herd’.

Watch step-by-step DIY deer mask video on making your own deer mask. Mask templates to download and print at home. Perfect for party outfits + costumes.

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