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30 beautiful paper cutting projects

We had lots of fun putting together these two beautiful paper cutting projects – Happy Foxes and Elephant Mama and Babies – and we love how they turned out – hope you like them too!

Beautiful Paper Cutting book from Kindle: Paper craft ideas!

30 creative projects for cards, gifts, decor and jewelry

The book features easy, beautiful, and inspiring projects from more than a dozen of the finest paper designers, so we are in good company! It’s packed with fun-to-make paper craft projects that range from a pretty frame decorated with paper flowers to lanterns, mobiles, stationery, garlands, and matryoshka dolls.

About Lark Crafts

Lark Crafts is a creative publishing group that loves showcasing the best the craft world has to offer through how-to projects, comprehensive technique guides, spectacular visual galleries, and everything in between.

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Happy Foxes

These 3D foxes are full of character! The positioning options are endless and each one tells a different story.

Easy projects for kids: Paper craft foxes!
Paper foxes to make

Elephant Mama and Babies

This happy little three-dimensional family would be right at home in a new nursery or play room! Just cut the shapes out with scissors and glue them back to back.

Easy projects for kids: Paper cutting elephant mama + babies!
Art ideas for kids: Beautiful paper cut foxes!
Red foxes

Beautiful paper cutting: How to make your Happy Foxes

You will need:
Scissors and a glue stick

1. Carefully cut out the foxes – each fox has two templates.
2. For Fox 1 & 2, fold the tab on the top of side B as indicated.
3. Apply glue to the tab, and carefully lining up both sides of your fox, stick the tab to Side A.
4. Now glue the fox’s nose and tip of it’s tail together.
5. To make Fox 3 (sitting), apply glue to the back of the fox and stick back-to-back, but leave the front legs and chest unstuck.
6. apply glue to the base of the tail only and stick in place.
7. Stick together both sides of the fox’s head.
8. Carefully fold the fox’s front legs out so it stands up.
9. Your Happy Foxes are ready!

Beautiful paper cutting: How to make your Happy Elephant Mama and Babies

You will need:
Scissors and a glue stick

1.Carefully cut out your elephant family – each elephant has two templates.
2. Applying glue to the top half only (not on the legs) and stick each elephant back-to-back.
3. Splay the legs of each elephant a little so that they stand nicely.
4. Your Happy Elephant family is ready to display!

Foxes and elephants

Here at Happythought we have some cool paper crafts and activities that are perfect for all ages. A fun and easy fox mask template, a spooky paper skeleton hand and a beautiful paper flower crown idea for Day of the Dead.

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2 thoughts on “30 beautiful paper cutting projects

  1. I love the artwork. Its so different from everything else “out there”.

    We have llamas. We use your stand-up llama artwork as an added touch to our trophy booth when we set up at llama shows. We printed off a few extra to hand out to the public (kids) when they go past the stalls and “ohh and ahh” at the llamas.

    Now, we also have goats. Both dairy goats and Boer (meat) goats. I challenge you to create something with that species. Stand-ups would be great. Paper cuttings would be great.

    I LOVE your site. I love your creativity.

  2. I love this book and actually your site is great. Keep up the good work

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