Printable Mexican Lotería game


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Printable Mexican Lotería game for some quality family fun time at home.

• 27 lotería cards
• 20 lotería tablas or boards
• Counters
• Easy to follow instructions

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Print and play a game of Mexican Lotería with this vibrant set of lotería cards and boards – ready to download and print. Easy PDF templates complete with instructions!

Welcome to Happythought’s Mexican Lotería cards printable game, a printable game set inspired by traditional Mexican Lotería.

Looking for a fun and easy game to play at home? Print and play this DIY Loteria game! A fun DIY activity for stay at home craft time. Loteria printable templates with instructions to treasure and play again and again.

mexican loteria cards and board game printable PDF

Printable Mexican Loteria game – Print and make your own loteria cards and game

This is the best lotería set you will find online, the printable download includes 20 tabla boards, 27 cards, 2 pages of lotería calls and easy to follow instructions. Loteria templates with easy pdf files to download, print and play.

how to play printable mexican loteria template game instructions
20 tabla boards, 27 cards, 2 pages of lotería calls and easy to follow instructions

How to use this printable Lotería set:

1. Cut out the numbered lotería cards
2. Cut out tabla boards
3. Cut out cuadritos to use as counters You will need 9 counters per board
4. Assemble envelopes for safe storage of your tablas, cartas and counters.

Hooray! You are ready to play. Have fun!

These picture loteria boards feature 27 vibrant images. Lots of fun for all the family, this printable game is ready to download, print and play now.

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Instant print and play DIY Mexican Loteria game PDF template
Printable mexican loteria cards and tablas to print at home

How to play Lotería cards printable:

Lotería is a game of chance for children and adults , similar to Bingo, in which the players place beans seeds or counters on illustrated boards (tablas), with the aim to cover all the images on their board. Instead of numbered balls, the caller uses images on a deck of cards. The game must have a Gritón, or caller, who calls ot the images and verses (optional!) related to the illustrations. This is called “singing the lottery”.

The caller starts by shuffling the cards. The caller picks a card from the deck one by one and announces it to the players. As the cards are chanted, players place a seed, a coin or counter on the corresponding image, and whoever fills their card wins by doing so! Once a card is full the player calls “Loteria!” to win the game. As an alternative you can also play for a horizontal, diaganal or vertical row of images, or have several boards or tablas per player.

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In Mexican country fairs and markets it was traditional custom to play lotería for money, or to compete for a prize. To participate you had to give a contribution, collected by the caller or an assistant. The accumulated money was called ‘la vaquita’, in reference to the custom of using the collected money from the game to buy beef for a collective meal. When the players do not compete for money or for a prize, they are said to play for ‘a frijole’, or ‘a bean’, because the beans with which the cards are marked are the only things at stake.

This entertaining card game can be used in the classroom or home to give the students an opportunity to practice speaking, writing and connecting words to images, in Spanish or in English.

Lotería is a traditional game of luck. The players select a tabla, a board with a grid of pictures. The caller calls out the images on the cards one by one and the first to fill the tabla shouts “Lotería!”

The imagery in this set is inspired by the classic lotería images of Don Clemente Jacques, who published a game in 1887. The colorful images have become iconic in Mexican culture. Have fun playing Loteía! This set is perfect to use as an aid for Spanish classes.

DIY printable loteria game templates
PRHave a go yourself with our instantly downloadable PDF pack

This Lotería cards printable set includes: 27 lotería cards, 20 lotería tablas, counters to mark the images called, envelopes to store your lotería cards, boards and counters safely. This lotería kit also includes optional phrases for each image which can be incorporated into the game by the caller or El Gritón and read out as each corresponding card is called.

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