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Mad hatter mini top hat template

Green mad hatter hat for parties and dress up instant download
Green mad hatter hat for parties!

Mad hatter mini top hat for parties and dress up: instant download!

What top hat collection would be complete without a nod to the Mad Hatter, Alice’s friend and companion in Wonderland. This classy mini top hat template idea is perfect as fancy dress, world book day outfits, costume parties and craft activities.

Alice in a mad hatter mini top hat: Ready for her next tea party!
Alice in a mad hatter mini top hat tres chic: Ready for her next tea party!
Templates for mad hatter hat. Green with label mini printable paper top hat!
Download, print and make from these mini top hat templates. Be a mad hatter.

Mad as a hatter!

The name Mad Hatter was never used by Lewis Carroll in the book of Alice in Wonderland, where he is merely ‘The Hatter’. The card on his hat reads “In this style 10/6”, which refers to the price of the hat – 10 shillings and six pence. In the mid 19th century, when Carrol wrote Alice, Mercury was used to process the felt hats and hat makers were exposed to the toxic vapours. Mercury poisoning can cause erratic, flamboyant behavior and many believe this was the inspiration for Caroll’s hatter.

Mini party hat patterns fashion design dress up
8 mini top hat templates perfect for no sew projects at home

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mad hatter hat for a mad hatter costume outfit or tea party

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