Mini top hats to rule the world

Our paper craft Mini Top hats are thrilled to be featured on a cute little blog called Tiny Hats weekly. This site dedicates itself to, you guessed it – Hats! Not just any ordinary hats but hats that are small and perfectly formed. Less is so much more on Tiny Hats weekly.

Our favourites at the shop are the burlesque and halloween sections that are bursting full of ideas for the up coming horror festivities. For the little spooky spell caster in the family there are some very cute ideas here.

harvey and missy modeling mini paper hats

In the post our children are modeling our paper hat designs that include the mini top hat and our halloween bug hat. Once we had printed these little cuties out onto card and cut them out, the kids were wearing them in no time.


As Tiny Hats Weekly mentions our hats are a quick and economical. They can be prepared in no time and make a sweet impact to any out fit.

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