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Day of the Dead party advice

We thought we’d offer some helpful & simple, and fairly general advice on hosting a party, and we’ve also put together a printable party ‘Check List’ to help you keep on top of all the important deadlines and jobs that need to be done.

dia de los muertos or day of the dead party advice - check list printables for parties

So….now you’re ready to party it’s time to consider a few of the practicalities:

Perhaps the first step is to stand back and access how much effort, time and money you want to put into your event. It is best to give minimum 3 weeks notice so fix a date early and prepare your invitations.

Once you have decided on the location, put together a guest list and sent out your invites, there are a few other things to consider to make sure the party goes with a bang!

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1. Being ready & prepared is the key

Rather than rushing around when the first guests are arriving (we’ve all been there…), aim to finish all your preparation an hour or so before the first guests are due to arrive. Allow a little time to yourself to change, freshen up, or even lie down for ten minutes. This way you’ll feel fresh and bouncy when the guests arrive rather than frazzled and stressed.

2. Be a relaxed but attentive host

Encourage people to feel at home (Mi casa es tu casa!) and serve themselves to food and drink. See our Day of the Dead food ideas here!

If there are any objects/ornaments you’d rather your guests didn’t touch, remove them before the party to avoid anxiety. The same goes for carpets, record collections etc.

3. It about food & drink

Take a look at our food and drinks recipes. Delicious snacks and drinks can really help make a party, plus once people have a full tummy and a drink in hand they are more likely to have fun.

Mini paper top hat and paper flowers for Day of the Dead costumes
Mini paper top hat and paper flowers

4. It’s about music & lighting

Music and dancing are some of the highlights people remember about a great party. We suggest if it is not your forte to ask a friend to put together some music for your party. Ask for upbeat, fun music.

Creative lighting will contribute much to the atmosphere of your party. Colored lamps or low wattage bulbs can tranform a room as can turning off a few lights! If you are holding a party at a venue make sure you check out the lighting options.

5. It’s about offering something unique

Even though great food and good company are always key, what you really want is to throw a party that your guests will rave about for years to come. Whether it’s games, decor or music, it’s worth going that extra mile for an unforgettable party.

6. I know it said top five but…If you need help, ask for help!

Don’t feel panicky at the thought of doing all the party preparation by yourself. Do you know a kind friend or family member who would come around and blow up balloons, make decorations, empty chips into bowls or generally help out? If they do agree to pitch in, get the music on, get in the mood and make it fun!

Most people enjoy helping as long as they don’t feel taken advantage of, so keep the tasks light and realistic and remember to say thanks!


One of the most important elements of a great party is you! Plan your party with your own fun in mind too and don’t over stretch yourself.

Download your free printable Party check list here!

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We hope you enjoyed our Day of the Dead party advice!
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