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Printable signs: Food & Drink

free printable signs paper craft day of the dead picture templates

free printable signs paper craft day of the dead picture

Day of the Dead Food & Drink Ideas

So, you’re planning on rustling up some yummy Mexican party dishes from our Day of the Dead recipes. Why not also print out our printable food and drink signs? They’ll look great on your party table and will let your guests know what they are about to tuck into. Plus, they are very easy to make. All you need to do is download them, print them out, cut them out and fold them. At a finishing touch to your party.

We’ve designed 99 colourful signs with a Mexican flavour for some of the following dishes and drinks: fresh Guacamole, Orange Granita, spicy Pico de Gallo, delicious Spicy Popcorn, Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes, traditional Pan de Muerto, refreshing Mexican lemonade, Agua Menta Naranja, tasty Raspberry Mojitos, heart warming Mexican Spiced Wine, a classic Tequila Sunrise, Juan Collins & Margaritas. Plus two blank signs for you to add your own dishes.

Printable signs: Print as many as you like, whenever you like!

You can find the recipes for all of the above here on the Happythought site – all tried, tested and photographed by us. I have to admit that once the photos were taken the ‘samples’ didn’t last long!  My personal favourites were the Guacamole and the Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes. I’m also a sucker for Pico de Gallo. Oh, and we’re now all addicted to Mexican Lemonade.

Download, print and make your own food and drink signs!

99 DIY Mexican food and drink display cards to print out for fiestas!
99 printable food and drink signs to help you guests at the fiesta!

Need ideas for this years Day of the Dead?

Day of the Dead or Dia de los Muertos fiesta ideas! Printables, crafts and tutorials!

We also have a few bits of party advice, some Day of the Dead games and calavera coloring in pages to make your activity the best!

But our very popular Printable Mexican food signs to download from here:

12 food and drink templates/patterns: Printable signs!


Agua Menta Naranja, Raspberry Mojitos, Mexican Spiced Wine, Tequila Sunrise, Juan Collins and Margaritas.


Guacamole, Granita, Spicy Popcorn, Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes and Pan de Muertos

Printable signs paper craft day of the dead
Printable signs!

Our Day of the Dead food and drink sign designs were inspired by Mexican hand painted tiles and by old Letterpress poster prints from Lucha Libre wrestling fights.

12 dishes and drinks recipes: printable signs

Orange Granita
Spicy Pico de Gallo
Delicious Spicy Popcorn
Spicy Chocolate Cupcakes
Traditional Pan de Muerto
Refreshing Mexican lemonade
Agua Menta Naranja
Tasty Raspberry Mojitos
Heart warming Mexican Spiced Wine
A classic Tequila Sunrise
Juan Collins

We hope you enjoyed our Day of the Dead printable food signs!
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