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How to make Guacamole recipe

how to make guacamole for Day of the Dead or El Dia de los Muertos!

how to make guacamole day of the dead

How to make Guacamole – Calling all avocado fans!

The oldest and most basic form of guacamole is the flesh of avocado, some cilantro leaves, and chopped chiles ground together in a stone mortar with a pestle.

How you make your guacamole depends a lot on your tastebuds, but most recipes include chopped cilantro leaves, chillies, onions (red or scallions), garlic, and something acidic, such as lime or lemon juice, tomato or vinegar. The acid not only adds flavor, but delays oxidation, which turns the avocado brown after exposure to air.


2 Hass* avocados or palta (as they say in Chile)
Sea Salt
Limes or Lemon
Chopped Cilantro
Fresh chiles
Black Pepper
Chopped Tomatoes

*this is the variety I like most and is the freshest and tastiest that I can buy locally.

Preparation: How to make guacamole

It’s vital that your avocado are firm but give way slightly after a light squeeze. With a spoon dig out the flesh of the avocado, removing the stone. You now have your raw guacamole. Now is the time to decide how fine a texture you want to make your guacamole – roughly mashed with a fork (as above) for a chunky guacamole, blended by machine for a fine consistency, or ground together with a pestle and mortar in the traditional way.

Next comes the fun part of deciding what to put into the guacamole. You can add everything at once or use a small side dish to test out different quantities of ingredients. If the avocados you are using are real beauties, my tips is just a bit of salt and lemon juice and let the avocados themselves do the talking. Losing the flavor of a ripe avocado by over seasoning is a crime in my book!

The guacamole pictured above is made from salt, lemon and pepper, with a sprig of cilantro/coriander to garnish.

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