Fashion paper couture mini top hats

Paper couture mini top hats for all occasions.
Mini top hats for all occasions!

Paper couture fashion shoot: Mini top hats to show off at any occasion!

We have had so many compliments for mini top hats or as we like to call them, little paper couture party hats. So we decided that they deserved to be shown off in their own fashion forward photo shoot!

Mini top hat paper couture: Printable mini party hat templates

Many thanks to our gorgeous models, Amy and Maddy, and of course to renowned fashion photographer (a la Next top Model) Mathias Wehrnan. You can see more of his wonderful work here.

We had lots of fun on the day – champagne flowed freely and many treats were snacked upon.

We hope these photos inspire you to print, snip and stick your way to some seriously stylish head gear of your own. From Steampunk to Burlesque to a classic black top hat, there are 8 templates in our Mini Top Hat set to choose from and you can print and make as many as you like of each style. So strike a pose!

Instantly download any of these gorgeous party hat templates!

Paper couture mini tops hats for all party themes and events!
Classic black mini top hats for all party themes.
St Patrick's day mini paper top hats with fashion photography models!
Kiss me, I’m Irish!! Mini top hat with a green shamrock!
Printable papercraft party hats: Mad hatter mini paper couture hat worn by alice!
Invite Alice and the Madhatter to tea!
Mini hat paper couture fashion photographer: Printable paper party hat templates!
Burlesque mini top hat for costumes and fun!
St Valentines mini paper couture top hats fashion: Printable templates for parties!
Love is…very cute in this st valentine’s party top hat!
Paper mini black top hat: Paper couture party hats for dress up and activities!
Classic black mini top hat for dress up and activities!
Paper couture hats made for fashion: Printable PDF templates to print and make at home!
Steampunk mini paper top hat for that Victorian look!!

Make your own mini top hat today: Buy the whole mini top hats pack today. See more click here!

A classic black top hat, some Steampunk style, shake it with a bit of Burlesque and finally the perfect hat for any tea party, the Madhatter. St Valentine’s Day, St Patrick’s Day, a circus top hat and a Halloween bug hat.
Download the 8 fantastic mini top hats templates to make and wear from our shop. All 8 templates are just $5.

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