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Halloween Pumpkin Bat tutorial

Halloween pumpkin bat: How to make this easy and simple Halloween decoration

When Granny came home with pumpkins from the market I was planning on carving a regular Jack o Lantern. But my daughter Missy had other ideas to make this cool Halloween pumpkin bat!

Halloween pumpkin bat diy craft and tutiorial.
How to make a purple pumpkin Halloween bat decoration!

Her favourite animal is a bat and she is dressing up as a bat for Halloween, so naturally she had her heart set on a bat pumpkin. So under her creative guidance we set about making a bat and I decided to document the process and see what we’d end up with!

How to make a Halloween Pumpkin Bat

halloween pumpkin bat diy craft and tutorial for children
Cut out the stalk of the pumpkin

First we set about hollowing out our pumpkin. I was allowed to do the cutting and then Missy scooped out the ‘guts’.

Our pumpkin came without a stalk, which made it trickier to get the top off, but made it a better shape for our bat idea.

halloween pumpkin bat diy craft and tutorial for all ages
Paint your pumpkin bat craft blue this time

Next she painted the pumpkin. Purple obviously. We cut out some wings and ears from a cereal box and painted those too.

halloween pumpkin bat diy craft and tutorial for halloween
Steps to make your own pumpkin craft

Once the paint had dried I took a sharp knife and made slits in the pumpkin to insert the wings and ears. They slotted in surprisingly easily, no need for glue.

halloween pumpkin bat diy craft and tutorial ideas
Paint your pumpkin blue

Next we painted on the eyes and again I cut out the mouth and teeth with a sharp knife.

halloween pumpkin bat diy craft and tutorial for making

Hooray! Our Halloween pumpkin bat turned out great!

Lighting your Halloween pumpkin bat

When it got dark we popped a tea light inside and it let out a subtle but satisfying glow through its little mouth. I also carved some little slits around the eyes to let out more light.

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