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Make your own DIY sloth hoody with added claws!

How to make your own DIY sloth costume or outfit

All you need is a fleecy hoody to up-cycle into this cosy DIY Sloth outfit or costume. A few snips and stitches and you will be ready for full Sloth mode.

No worries, no hurry, this is an easy craft for all ages and surprisingly quick and easy to make.
It is a good idea to use a hoody top a little larger in size, so that the hood and sleeves are nice and slouchy.

How to make a DIY sloth hoody craft tutorial

This craft is featured in Happythought book Sloth Crafts by Ellen Deakin of Happythought. You can find a detailed tutorial and template for this project there, along with lots more sloth themed craft tutorials and templates!


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How to make a DIY sloth hoody:

You will need: A hooded top, scrap fabric, scissors, felt in various colors (brown, black, green and white), stiff felt for claws and a needle and thread.

Step 1
Use the template in the Sloth Crafts book, or draw your own.
cut out the shape of your sloth face from a scrap of cream material, leaving a 5mm margin.

1-hoody-sloth craft costume activity

Step 2
Next cut out the eyes, nose and mouth from felt and scraps of fabric for underneath the eyes.

4-hood top -sloth craft step by step costume templates

Step 3
Stitch the eyes together as shown

Step 4
Sew all the elements in place on to the face of your sloth.

5-hoody-sloth-steps-by-step instructions

Step 5
Pin the sloth face to the hood of your top as shown. Once you are happy sew in place.

Step 6
Cut out 4 sloth claws from stiff felt, using the templates at the back of the book as your guide.
Sew them together to make two claws.

6-hoody-sloth-steps by step tutorial costume outfit

Step 7
Attach the claws to the inside of each sleeve to create your claws.

7-Sloth tutorial step by step costume idea

Step 8
Cut out two leaves from the green felt and attach them to the zip of your top.

8- Sloth craft tutorial to make a sloth costume

Step 9
Hooray, your Sloth DIY hoody is ready to wear!

Step 9-hoody sloth costume idea and dress up
Transform your old hoody into a sloth costume
Transform your old hoody into a sloth costume
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More sloth crafts and ideas are in our new book Sloth Crafts, available at Amazon, Barnes and Noble, Target, Waterstones and all good book shops now!

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