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Sloth String art – Create your own beautiful wall art

Make your own adorable piece of wall art, using a piece of wood board, nails and embroidery thread or string!

How to make and create sloth string art
Create and make your own sloth art designs

String-art is a fun, easy way to make a colorful picture by wrapping thread around nails.
Mix up the colors and have fun creating unique piece of artwork. We have featured these other sloth craft tutorials on our site. Sloth hoody from an old recycled sweater top, a very cute sloth planter and a sloth mask with animal fact worksheets.

Give little ones an hand by putting nails in place, then they can wrap around the colorful thread.
Use the template in Happythought’s Sloth Crafts to create an adorable Sloth and butterfly image.

You will need:

A wooden board
Small nails
A hammer
Colorful embroidery threads or fine string

How to make your Sloth String art

How to make string art - Design your own or make using our printable template
You can invent your own designs for your string art

Step 1
Attach the design (you can find the template in the Sloth Crafts book) to the board of wood.

Step 2
Following the line, nail in small nails, at approx 3mm intervals.
Once you have completed the design, tear off the paper reference.

How to make string art -Make and create this beautiful sloth craft
A paper template is used to set up the board and the nails

Step 3
Start by wrapping a length of thread around the first nail, tying a knot to secure it.
Start wrapping between each nail until the space is filled.
Next wrap the elements that will be in the background of the picture – the back legs and the branch.

How to make string art - Sloth art step by step tutorial and template
String, wool or thread is wrapped around the tops of the nails

Step 4
Now to add the body. We used a thread with mixed colors.
Your can wrap the string in any direction – make a random pattern, or follow a grid. There are no rules!

How to make string art Sloth nail art step by step instructions and a template
Easy to make string art - Step by step instructions Sloth string art

Step 5
Add the base of the face in white, the claws and the butterfly.
Place the paper reference on top of the white threaded face area.
Following the lines, hammer in the nails around the eyes, nose and mouth.
Tear off the paper and wrap black thread along the lines.

How to make beautiful string art - Step by step Sloth string art
A sloth string art project – Ideal for a craft project at school or home

Step 6
Add a rosy glow the the sloth’s cheeks
Hooray, your string art is ready to hang. How cute!

How to make string art - Great fun making this cute sloth
Isn’t this happy, sleepy sloth adorable?

Check out our new book Sloth Crafts for a more in depth tutorial on making your Sloth String art masterpiece!

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More sloth crafts and ideas are in our new book Sloth Crafts, available at AmazonBarnes and NobleTargetWaterstones and all good book shops now!

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