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Homemade owl mask and DIY costume

Watch step-by-step DIY owl mask video tutorial on making your own owl mask. Owl mask templates to download and print at home. Perfect for party outfits + costumes.

Easy throw together owl costume with no-sew owl template and instructions!

10 Printable Animal Masks templates of a n owl

Be an owl in 5 minutes – Try our easy DIY owl mask template + simple step-by-step vide0 tutorial!

Easy throw together owl costume with owl mask
Put together a quick and easy owl costume.

Want more animal mask ideas, printables, worksheet facts and ideas?

You can buy our complete Happythought Printable Animal Masks set here! Includes B&W masks to color in, plus animal activity fact sheets. The animal mask set features 10 animals to dress up as: Bear, Panda, Cat, Dog, Owl, Tiger. Fox, Rabbit, Koala, and a Deer.

Diy owl mask video: 6 facts about owls

  1. Owls can turn their heads as much as 270 degrees.
  2. Owls are carnivores.They eat birds, small mammals, fish, insects and rodents.
  3. Owls are solitary creatures. They do not live in groups.
  4. Owls can be split in two large groups: true owls and barn owls.
  5. Owls have an excellent sense of hearing.
  6. There are around 200 different species of owls.

Be sure to try our fox mask or our cyborg mask – Have a go yourself and see how easy and fun our Happythought masks are to make. We are sure you will be pleased with results.

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