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Mini paper top hats for parties

Easy to make printable mini paper top hats for dress up, fun and to parties!
8 fantastic mini top hat designs!

8 mini paper top hats for all occasions: Easy craft creations for you to make and wear!

Have fun with a classic black top hat, add some Steampunk style, shake it with a bit of Burlesque, or make the perfect hat for any tea party, the Mad Hatter. The kit also includes a Ring Master’s circus top hat, a St Patrick’s Day lucky hat, an adorable Valentines top hat and a spooky Halloween bug hat. To wear your hat, attach it to your head with a bobby pin and you’re ready to go!

mini top hats for party fiesta celebrations
8 mini top hat designs

Happythought mini paper top hats – a brief history:

When I first set my heart on wearing a mini top hat I had a few hurdles to overcome!
Firstly, the party was that day, secondly a quick trip to the local shops turned up nothing satisfactory, thirdly, I’m not a big one for sewing and didn’t have the know-how or supplies to make a fabric hat.

Fun party paper top hat templates

Party top hat template designs!
Paper party hats for parties and fiestas!

Then the idea struck to make a paper top hat. I made up a quick maquette, then got to work on the design on my computer, finally printing out my little burlesque creation. A few snips and the wave of a glue stick and a darling little hat was ready. I secured it safely to my head with a bobby pin and was good to go.
When my fellow party goers saw my handy work I was swiftly commissioned to print and make two more. And so we set off to the party feeling dandy and in high spirits and it’s safe to say the hats were a big hit at the party.

Printable mini paper top hat accesories: Feathers, bows and ribbons!
Add some finishing touchers to your mini top hat!

We’ve put together this collection of terrific little top hats to have you ready for the party or for any fun occasion in no time. Check out these other great mini top hats and free worksheet craft activities available in our CraftClub (be a Happythought member).

We have spent time to make sure the hats are quick, easy and fun to make, and all you will need is a printer, scissors, a glue stick and sticky tape.

step by step on how to make a black mini top hat
Instructions and template to make your own mini DIY black top hat

Tutorial Video: Make your own Mini Top Hats: 8 Fantastic Mini Top Hat designs!

Easy make steam punk mini top hat pattern
Steam punk mini top hat made from a paper template with steampunk goggles.

You can see more photos of the mini top hats on our paper couture top hats post here.

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