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6 easy Summer Camp activities

Summer Camp activities, templates and art ideas – 6 fun and simple crafts for all ages!

Ojo de dios, drinking straw necklaces, Mexican paper flowers, mini rainbow pinatasdreamcatchers and  butterfly papel picado. Each Happythought summer camp activities features an easy to follow video tutorial to guide you step-by-step through each craft on your Summer Craft activity day. We hope you have lots of fun!

1. Butterfly Papel Picado banners – Make beautiful papel picado butterfly garlands!

Make your own affordable decorations at home using these papel picado templates

We have put together a free template and video tutorial you how to assemble butterfly garlands. We thought these butterfly garlands would be ideal for a rainy day or a craft activity at camp. These butterflies flutter beautifully in the breeze and look great at a party or as a simple decoration in your home or school!

2. How to make paper flowers: Easy to follow video tutorial

Make your own affordable decorations at home using this paper flower video tutorial

Mexican paper flowers that are easy to make – arranged in vases, strung together in a garland or necklace, or they can be attached with a bobby pin for a decorative hair piece!

Cempasuchil or marigolds flowers are a symbol of Mexican Day of the Dead.

3. How to make a Pinata: Cute Mini rainbow Pinatas for fiestas!

Make your own affordable decorations at home using this paper pinata template

Download our free template and make a fully functioning colorful mini pinata with a pull string. Tested by our kids, these homemade pinatas works brilliantly! Fill your mini pinata with home made confetti and mini treats or messages.

4. How to make 2 DIY necklaces using drinking straws: triangle and square designs!

Make your own drinking straw necklace

This DIY drinking straw necklace craft is an oldie but a goodie – easy to make drinking straw necklaces with a new geometric twist! Fun and simple to make craft activity with cheap affordable materials. Also a great activity for family time, from kindergarden to teens, or as a classroom or home school art project.

5. Easy how to make an Ojo de Dios

Summer camp activities: Try our Ojo de Dios tutorial
Easy to follow ojo de dios tutorial

Follow our step-by-step tutorial to make this classic Summer camp craft – Ojo de Dios. Many countries in South America have colourful and beautiful home made Ojo de Dios (or God’s Eyes) hanging in trees or on porches and patios in homes and schools.

This lovely craft comes from the native tribes of the Americas, traditionally made for a celebration or blessing. They can be given as a gift to bless a home.

6. Step-by-step video tutorial: Make a Mini Dreamcatcher and have sweet dreams every night!

Make your own dream catcher to keep the bad dream away

One of our favourite craft projects at Happythought, this dreamcatcher, is great fun to make, and seeing as everything is mini and cute at Happythought we made a mini dreamcatcher! We used masking or sticky tape rolls as a base – economical and re-cycle friendly. Old bangles and bracelets or paper plates with the centre cut out would also work well.

Collect ribbon, wool, feathers, coloured thread and get to work on your mini dreamcatcher. Follow the easy step-by-step video tutorial which shows how fun and simple they are to make.

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