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Drinking straw necklace video

Drinking straw necklace: Necklace diy craft kids activities fun project!
DIY kids craft activities: Necklaces!

Ideas With Straws: DIY craft drinking straw necklace!

This drinking straw necklace craft is an oldie but a goodie – homemade necklaces with a modern geometric twist! Don’t they look great? Easy to make and very easy on the wallet, this is a fun activity for family time, from toddlers to teens, or as a classroom or home school activity.

See our craft video below or our step-by-step photo tutorial below.

Video tutorial: How to make 2 DIY necklaces using drinking straws: triangle and square designs!

Don’t throw away, use old materials to create new crafts

Neon bright geometric drinking straw necklaces

black and white eighties stripes neon drinking straw necklaces craft activity
Use bright vibrant colors in your designs and creations
straw drinking paper kids easy do craft necklace
Activities and ideas recycling old drinking straws

First we made a basic triangle and a square necklace. Next we had fun combining shapes and adding feathers. Even the family dog Puchi got involved in this fun craft activity– see below!

Here’s what you will need:

• Drinking straws ( brightly colored or ‘neon’)
• Thread, ribbon or yarn
• Feathers (optional)

How to make a geometric drinking straw necklace

step by step photo images tutorial drinking straw crafting
Full instruction on how to make necklaces from recycling old drinking straw

Step-by-step triangle drinking straw necklace

Step 1
Trim down your drinking straws to various sizes, approx. 3cm, 2cm and some smaller ‘connectors’.
Step 2 (triangle necklace) Select three 3 cm beads and three connector beads in bright contrasting colors. Cut a length of yarn or thread to the length you want your necklace to be.
Step 3
Thread the 3cm straw beads onto the length of yarn, with three connector beads intersecting as shown.
Step 4
Take one end of your yarn and thread it through the 3cm bead at the other end of the yarn.
Step 5
Pull both ends to make a triangle in the centre of your yarn…
Step 6
Knot the ends together to make a necklace.

Create your own creations with these other fun activities and templates:

How to make a square drinking straw geometric necklace

For a square drinking straw necklace repeat the above process but with four of each size of bead.

how to make drinking straw craft geometric-straw-necklace
Square necklace design for dress up and fun classroom activities
square geometric shapes neon colors craft activities for classroom kids
Add messages or other features to your DIY necklaces

We had lots of fun making these colorful necklaces. To attach feathers to the beads we used a little glue. Now you know the basics, have fun experimenting. We’d love to see what you come up with!

kids easy feather-geometric straw necklace
Beautiful pink feather necklace
necklace drinking staw craft tutorial ideas classroom teenager
Great for a quick necklace for an outfit
dog with cute paper straw necklace
Hi, my name is Puchi – Woof woof! I know I look good. What are you waiting for? Get busy!!!!
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  1. So very cute on the dog. Great idea for class room craft!!!!

  2. Thanks, This is a great idea for a class or homeschool activity!

  3. These are so pretty! I recently made “necklaces” out of the same straws for my light table in the classroom. Your necklaces are really pretty! i love a good re-purpose! Thank you for sharing!

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