Wear a paper skeleton hand as a spooky head piece, creepy shoulder epaulettes or Halloween decorations!

Halloween costume accessories: Paper skeleton hand template ideas!
Halloween costumes for parties and dress up!

Halloween dress-up ideas: 3 paper skeleton hand designs for decorations and costumes!

Download, print and make your own spooky 3D Halloween paper skeleton hand. Templates, photos and simple homemade costume ideas below

Halloween costume ideas: Paper skeleton hand to print and cutout!
Paper skeleton hand to print
Halloween costume ideas: Skeleton hands printable pattern!
Halloween costume ideas

Wear a paper skeleton hand as a spooky head piece, a pair as creepy shoulder epaulettes, or use them as part of your Halloween decorations around the home!

Halloween costume accessories. How to make paper skeleton hands. Free template + instructions!
How to make paper skeleton hand templates

How to make your own Halloween skeleton hand

To make your skeleton hands you will need scissors and a glue stick, plus a bobby pin or tape to attach.

Step 1
Print and cut out the paper skeleton hand templates.

Step 2
Fold up the bottom of each finger up as shown. Fold the thumb base joint downwards.

Step 3
Fold each joint downwards.

Step 4
Fold along the center of each finger by pinching between the joints

Step 5
Glue wrist panel and fold in sides

Step 6
Attach to hair with a bobby pin, or on shoulders with double-sided tape. you can also use your skeleton hands as decorations around the house. Have fun!

DIY Halloween costume ideas. Paper skeleton hands to print and make!

Free printable paper skeleton hand templates: Halloween party accessories!

Halloween costume accessories: Print a paper skeleton hand!

Click here to download you free instruction sheets and templates

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