14 Burns Night printables


Host your own Burns Night celebration with our Burns Night recipes, decorations, poems, menu ideas and plenty of tartan plaid! The baird will be happy ‘yer havin a go!’.

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Burns Night printables: Poems, recipes, menu ideas, flags, decorations and crafts.

Burns night supper printables, poems, songs and ideas
Everything you need to celebrate Burns Night!

Welcome to Happythought’s Burns Night printable celebration pack. Use the Burns Night templates to plan and put together a fabulous and stylish Burns night supper or a fun Scottish celebration.

Celebrate the life and times of Scotland’s most famous poet, Robert Burns.

Try your hand at some traditional Scottish recipes and brush up on your poetry, from Auld Lang Syne to Ae Fond Kiss.

Burns night paper hats, photo props and printable food signs!

Burns night printables: Over 50 templates and patterns!

Burns night printables: Ideas and templates for successful Burns Supper Dinner!


14 HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) PDF files of the following:

1) Food and place name cards
2) Recipes and cards – Haggis. Tipsy Laird, Cock-a-leekie soup, Raspberry Cranachan and Neeps and Tatties.
3) 3 Scottish hats and instructions – Glengarry cap, Tartan cap and Tartan mini top hat. (Free for members)
4) Haggis, neeps & tatties garland
5) Burns Night photo props
6) Haggis banners, Tartan bows and thistles.
7) Burns Night portrait
8) Saltires (or Scottish flag)
9) Highland Stags
10) Poem and songs booklet
11) Bill O’ Fare menu
12) Napkin rings
13) Bottle kilts (Free for members)
14) Invites and envelopes
15) Burns Night snowflakes (Free for members)
16) Paper thistle template (Free for members)

Burns night poem booklet with poems by Rabbie Burns by happythought printables
Burns night poem booklet (2021 edition) with poems by Rabbie Burns by happythought printables

All the above digital files are designed to be used for traditional scrapbooking, Burns night suppers, Scottish themes, holiday cards, crafts or gift tags, digital scrapbooking, gifts, greeting cards, invitations, craft projects or as inspiration for your own designs and creations.

Celebrate Burns night!

How to celebrate Burns night

Five years after the death of the poet, a group of his friends gathered together to remember Burns and his poetry. The event soon became an established tradition, and now, every year on his birthday, 25th January, Scots all around the world celebrate ‘Rabbie Burns’ with a Burns Supper, following a format similar to the original dinner.

Haggis, whisky, poems & songs with a celebration

One of the real reasons to celebrate on the 25th of January, is to raise ‘a dram’ to the life and continuing legacy of one of the world most famous poets, prolific composer and romantic. Even after more than 200 years after his death Robert Burns still influences modern artists and culture.

Check out these other helpful Burns night supper resources on our website. Tartan scrapbooking papers, mini tartan kilt templates, tartan and thistle scrapbooking papers and 14 iconic Burns night images to download. Also available as a kindle and paperback version.

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So remember the bard of Scotland as he would have wanted it. Haggis, whisky, poems & songs with a celebration of all things good and positive about Scottish culture and life in general!

Photo props!: Tartan hats, Burns Glasses and bow tie templates
Photo props!: Tartan hats, Burns Glasses and bow tie templates
Burns night portraits by Alexander Nasmyth

The baird will be happy ‘yer havin a go!’ Raise a dram tae Rabbie Burns.

scottish thistle paper craft template for Burns Night and other Scottish celebrations!

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