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Paper flowers template, feathers and leaves

DIY paper flowers pattern, paper feathers + paper leaves!
DIY craft patterns: Flowers and leaves!

Paper flowers template, feathers and leaves: Beautiful decorations for celebrations and fiestas!

Make your own decorations with this paper flower template with leaves and feathers.

To create your decorative paper flowers you will just need scissors and a glue stick. For longer lasting, sturdier flowers and feathers print on to a heavier stock paper. For a colorful bouquet you can print onto colored card stock or color the templates in before cutting them out.

How to make your paper flowers: Step-by-step photo guide

How to make cute pink paper flowers. DIY printable templates!
Pink paper flowers!

Step 1
Carefully cut out the flower templates and sort them into groups of similar shaped petals. Ideally you will use three templates for each flower.
Step 2
Gently fold the petals towards the center of the flower. You can experiment with the direction of the fold to achieve different effects. You can also mix the petals of different shaped flowers.
Steps 3
Stick the second flower template in the center of the first.
Step 4
Stick the final template in the center of the flower. Make your own beautiful pink paper flowers!

How to make orange paper flowers. DIY printable patterns!
Orange paper flowers PDF craft template
How to assemble and orange and pink paper flower
Mix and match your DIY paper flowers!
Easy fun paper crafts - Blue paper flowers - Flower templates and patterns!
Beautiful blue paper flowers
Paper leaf templates: Print PDF onto green colored paper!
No-sew paper leaf templates

Make your own paper leaves

Score and fold the center of each leaf and pinch the end to give it shape.

Easy DIY tutorial: Orange colored paper feather cutouts!
Orange colored paper feathers!

How to make paper feathers

Score and fold the center of the feather, following the curve. Fringe the edges of the feather with your scissors and ruffle a little to give texture.

DIY paper flowers pattern, paper feathers pattern and paper leaf cutout!
DIY paper flowers, leaves and feather patterns

The paper flower, feather and leaf templates are part of a calavera craft mask activity.

3 Calavera skull mask, flower, feather and leaf to print out and make!
Color your own craft template PDF mask activity

4 activities and 18 PDF Learn about Day of the Dead worksheets – Buy Now!

Day of the Dead activity craft sheets: 5 activities + 40 PDF templates to download!

Some tips on printing out your worksheets

We have designed the worksheets in black and white to be economical on toner. After opening up your PDF templates look for a grayscale, fast printing or economy setting. These types of settings not only save on ink but also on printing time.

Have a look at these paper craft PDF ideas:

Paper skeleton hand pattern, fox mask template and a beautiful paper flower crown. Mother’s day craft, cute Halloween paper craft ornaments and how to make a paper craft 3D cyborg mask. All craft include clear and simple instructions to follow.

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