Mexican paper flowers video tutorial

Making these beautiful Mexican paper flowers is easy, just follow our step-by-step video and photo tutorials.

These simple Mexican paper flowers can be used to decorate your party – arranged in vases, placed on your Ofrenda for Dia de los Muertos, or you could attach one to a bobby pin as a decorative hair piece!

Mexican paper flowers: Crepe made Mexican Day of the Dead tutorial!
Crepe paper flowers for Day of the Dead!

How to make paper flowers: Easy to follow video tutorial and photo instructions!

Cempasuchil or marigolds are an important symbol of Day of the Dead. The bright colors of these beautiful flowers and the powerful scent are supposed to help lead the spirits of your deceased loved ones to your home.

Materials making crepe Mexican paper flowers!
Materials needed for making Mexican paper flowers

You will need:
Crepe paper
Scissors or craft knife
pipe cleaner or floral wire

Use our easy & quick video tutorial (see below) – HOW TO MAKE CREPE PAPER FLOWERS FOR DAY OF THE DEAD – to get you making in no time these stunning paper flowers. Plus some step by step photo tips.

Mexican paper flowers: Instructions with photos

A4 sheets mexican paper flower s for dia de los muertos

1. To make paper flowers, cut your sheets of crepe paper down to approx. letter size. Stack 8 sheets of crepe paper together.

folding day of the dead paper flowers
2. Make concertina folds at approx. half inch intervals.

putting piping around crepe paper flower

3. Wrap pipe cleaner around middle and twist, leaving a long length for your ‘stalk’.

mexican paper flower cutting out crepe

4. Cut tips into round or pointy endings.

fanning out a mexican paper flower day of the dead

5. Separate the layers of paper, carefully pulling each sheet away* from the centre, one at a time, spreading them out to make a circle. Repeat with each layer until your flower is fluffy and full. *Don’t worry too much if you have a few tears – once your flower is fully fluffed these shouldn’t be noticable!

mexican paper flowers orange crepe paper craft

Voila! Your flowers are ready. They look great arranged in a vase. To make a full round pompom join two flowers together using a pipe cleaner.

Adding a leaf or two to your paper flower

making a paper leaf from crepe paper for a paper flower

1. Take a small strip of green crepe.

2. Fold it in half.

3. Cut out the shape of a leaf.

4. Open out to make two leaves.

5. Fold the two leaves in half

6. Twist the stem of your flower around the leaves.

Paper flowers for Cinco de Mayo!

Mexican paper flower tutorial for Cinco de Mayo!
More paper flowers for Cinco de Mayo!

DIY Day of the Dead or Dia de los muertos Mexican flowers!

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4 thoughts on “Mexican paper flowers video tutorial

  1. The storytime children make these all the day; however, I have never pointed the tips–or rounded them. I think we will do that next time.
    The tutorial was really very easy to understand and very helpful.

  2. actually crepe paper is crepé in mexico too. papel china is tissue paper, they’re different.

  3. I think in most parts it’s called crepe paper. In Uruguay and in the U.S. at least I know we call it crepe. I would never have known what it was by another name. I was actually using tissue paper. Crepe is much sturdier. thanks,these templates look great.

  4. That paper is called mexican paper! Here in mexico it is called China paper.

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