Make a Cyborg Mask: DIY party costume and fun classroom craft activities!

This scary cyborg printable colour in 3D paper masks are ideal for: Costume, dress up parties, classroom fun, home school, decorations, party ideas and activities.
3D paper cyborg mask and shoulder panels

Printable party mask: Cyborg mask template and easy costume idea

Ever wanted to be half human half machine! Why not upgrade yourself with a cyborg mask and robot body?

We have created this state of the art printable mask and shoulder panels template. Print out the templates onto some thickish paper. This cyborg printable 3D mask is ideal for: Costume parties, dress up games, classroom projects, home school learning, teacher resources decorations, ideas and activities.

How to assemble your cyborg mask template

Then carefully cut out all the mask template patterns, including extra red cyborg eye. Then take the main mask template and assemble as shown below. With the remaining strips of metal glue them in place as shown below.

Cyborg mask photo tutorial template

Cyborg mask: Cyborg printable mask template and costume idea!
Cyborg mask photo tutorial

Now that you have become half human half machine, show your superior knowledge with these 2 facts about cyborgs!

  1. The first cyborg could be tracked back to before the Second World War with Jean De la Hire’sThe man who lived under water”.
  2. Cyborgs exist in real life; this is because some people have robot arms or legs.

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