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Paper Llama finger puppets

Make a family of llamas! This project is great for little fingers and can provide hours of fun and creative play.
The finger puppet templates for this project in the back of the Llama Craft book available from Amazon. Alternatively create your own llama puppet designs!

This llama paper craft feature in Llama Crafts by Ellen Deakin
DIY paper llama finger puppets
Make your own Llama finger puppet

You will Need:

  • Card
  • Scissors
  • Colored pencils
  • Sticky gems and pom-poms
  • Glue stick

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How to make DIY Llama finger puppets

Color in your llamas. Use the templates included in the Llama craft book or create your own llama puppets using the templates as a guide. Be sure to make the puppets the right size to fit your hands!

Color in your own DIY easy to make finger puppets step 1

Using your scissors, carefully cut around the llama puppets and finger holes.

DIY templates to make finger puppets step 2

Decorate the llamas with sticky gems, pom-poms or
coloured tape.

add gems to you DIY finger puppets step 3

Slide your fingers into the leg holes and see your llama
come to life!

Easy to make finger puppets step 4
Take your new Llama for a spin around the Andes!

Draw your llama puppets on to a nice thick card stock. That way they will be more sturdy and last longer!

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Llama Crafts book by Ellen Deakin available to buy on Amazon
Llama Crafts book by Ellen Deakin
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