Dragon snowflake templates


Free to members – Templates to craft these unique paper dragon snowflakes for decorations.

x4 Dragon snowflake black and white templates
• Easy to follow photo tutorial

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4 Dragon paper snowflake templates – Easy homemade decorations with instructions and printable templates!

Use Happythought’s DIY Dragon snowflake templates to craft and create. 4 impressive dragon designs featuring a Dungeon Dragon, Hydra, Wyvern and a Fuzanglong snowflake designs. These Happythought’s printable templates, are free to Happythought members.

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Easy DIY dungeon dragon snowflake video tutorial

Watch this video tutorial and make a dragon snowflake decoration

Use these easy paper kirigami snowflake patterns to print, fold and cut these fabulous DIY festive decorations.

Dungeon Dragon:
Breath of molten fire, gnashing jaws and a keen wit. Many adventures have been tempted by this dragon’s hoard of gold, none have survived.

Winding snakelike heads, chop one off and another soon reappears. Any hero who could slay this fearsome beast would surely pass into myth.

Soaring through the skies, the Wyvern’s mere shadow can cast cities into darkness. In flight no creature matches it in speed or grace.

Easy DIY Fuzanglong dragon snowflake tutorial. Paper snowflake dragon template

Watch the video and make your own Fuzanglong snowflake decoration

Deep underground this dragon guards it’s treasure with a watchful eye. When it ascends to the heavens, a volcano is left in its stead.

Dragon snowflake templates to make home decorations
Dragon snowflake templates to make home decorations

Dragon DIY paper decorations

You can use the printable snowflake designs to decorate your home, classroom, as table decorations, window art or to send as a DIY card. The snowflake patterns come in black and white, to cut out and color your own way. A fun way to fill an afternoon crafting at home with all the dinosaur fans. So satisfying to make!

You will need:

• Paper (thin paper like copy or printer paper works well)
• Scissors (a good pair of scissors makes all the difference!)
• Happythought Paper Snowflake DIY pattern

What is Kirigami?

Kirigami is a variation of paper craft that includes cutting of the paper, rather than solely folding the paper as is the case with origami. In Japan, the word “kiru” means to cut, and “gami” means paper. So, kirigami means to cut paper.

Animal snowflake 40 patterns to make
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More paper snowflake designs include a burns night snowflake, a valentine snowflake, a Halloween snowflake, and some cute festive animal snowflakes.  We have some other great template ideas for no-sew projects, paper crafting and class art activities.

More snowflake templates:

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6 different snowflake or kirigami patterns

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