Festive Animal Snowflake templates

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4 templates to craft these pretty holiday paper snowflakes for Christmas.

• 4 Festive Animal snowflake templates
• Easy follow Festive Animal snowflakes video tutorial   

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4 animal snowflake templates – easy homemade DIY decorations with instructions and templates!

Craft these easy festive animal snowflake templates, free to members. Use the easy to follow video instructions and our templates to cut, fold and make fabulous DIY Christmas decorations.

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You can use the snowflake designs to decorate your tree, as table decorations, window art, paper crowns or to add a special touch to your gift wrap.

Watch the templates in action here.

So fun and easy to make – this set includes 4 snowflake templates or kirigami patterns, featuring polar bears and penguins, reindeer, fox and squirrels and festive llamas! These wonderful diy snowflake patterns are perfect for decorating your home.

Fun and easy DIY Holiday decorations!

Easy DIY Snowflake decorations to make at home
kirigami patterns or snowflake templates

You will need:

• Paper
• Scissors (good quality scissors make all the difference!)
• Happythought festive animal Snowflake DIY patterns

We have some other great template ideas for no-sew projects, paper crafting and class art activities.

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Mexican paper star color in craft,  paper skeleton hand dress up idea and our popular DIY paper thistle template.

DIY make snowflake patterns for Holiday decorations
See more Snowflake templates here, from Easter to Halloween!

Find these other Kirigami patterns, including DIY snowflake templatesHalloween, Cinco de Mayo ring templates, Easter paper snowflake templateBurns Night and Valentines.

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