Halloween STEM worksheets


Creative projects and templates for an educational Halloween. Experiment and learn about balance and mass. Watch the spooky paper hand unfold…ahhhhh!

1 x activity worksheets – The Amazing Balancing Bat
1 x activity worksheets – Magic Zombie Hand
1 x activity worksheets – Kaleidocycles

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Have fun and learn with Happythought’s spooky STEM themed Halloween projects and worksheets!

These STEM worksheets for Halloween try an approach to learning that integrates areas of science, technology, engineering and mathematics in a creative and practical setting.

Make a paper Kaleidocycle tutorial for Halloween

Watch the video tutorial here to see the craft in action

STEM activities can empower children with practical knowledge and understanding which can then be implemented in the world around them.

Amazing magic paper Zombie hand. Ideal for Halloween STEM activities + class projects

Watch the video and make your own Zombie hand STEM activity

The Amazing Balancing Bat and Magic Zombie Hand and Kaleidocycles are just three simple examples to get you started. Boo!

Stem-sheets-halloween layup sheets
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This fun Halloween activity pack includes three interactive STEM projects:

The Amazing Balancing Bat

Experiment and learn about balance and mass. If you support an object at its center of mass it will be perfectly balanced – or in a state of ‘static equilibrium.’

Magic Zombie Hand

A fun kinetic experiment using paper and water. Watch the magic unfold…


A fun paper toy made from one piece of paper which turns around a central axis.

These worksheets are primarily designed for elementary and middle school children, but can also be beneficial and fun for both older and younger children. Happythought members can download these activity sheets for free.

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