Day of the Dead paper flower crown tutorial and templates to try!

Day of the Dead paper flower crown

Day of the Dead paper flower crown, ideal for costume + dress up ideas!

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mini polka dot hat spotty accessories event fashion no sew

Mini polka dot hats party pattern

5 stunning Mini polka dot hats. Instant download. Make now!

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Have a hat on your head in no time!

Fashion paper couture mini top hats

Paper couture for a night out by Happythought. Photos by renowned fashion photographer Mathias Wehrnan

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Wear this stunning flower headpiece for a Cinco de Mayo celebration!

Paper flower crown for Cinco de Mayo

Beautiful paper flower crown or headpiece, ideal for costume + dress up ideas!

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5 diamond pattern paper party hats for fiestas

Paper diamond party hat pattern

5 cute Diamond party hat patterns!

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Easy make steam punk mini top hat pattern

Steampunk top hat video tutorial

Fashionable & stylish Victorian England Steampunk top hat!

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Halloween costume accessories. How to make paper skeleton hands. Free template + instructions!

Paper skeleton hand costume ideas

Free printable DIY Halloween skeleton hand!

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3 mini paper festive top hats christmas holidays

Festive paper hats video tutorial

Free festive mini paper hats for the Holidays!

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burlesque mini paper top hats for any occasion

Mini paper burlesque costume hat

Spots, stripes, feathers and lace. What more could a girl want?

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