Printable Talavera tiles – vibrant decor sheets


Printable talavera tile templates. Five bright and bold eye catching designs, perfect for completing your party decorations.

5 talavera tile templates
5 color in talavera tile templates

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Printable Talavera Tile templates: versatile decoration ideas

Be inspired by the beautiful Talavera tiles which decorate the streets and homes of Mexico.

These colorful printable templates can be used to decorate your home, as wall art, as Day of the Dead party decorations, as laminated coasters or for general DIY crafting inspiration.

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Print as many tiles as you like and get creative! Laminate, varnish or use Mod Podge on your tiles to create a longer lasting surface. Perfect for crafts such as scrapbooking and decoupage. The set also include 5 gift box templates.

Paint the leaves on your pineapple to make the perfect decoration centrepiece
Paint the leaves blue on your pineapple for a centrepiece

YOUR PURCHASE OF 5 HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) PDF FILES features the following Happythought templates:

1) Talavera tiles – mixed color templates

Printable talavera tile templates: Printable papercraft Ceramic style ceramica tiles
Talavera tiles patterns and decoration ideas

2) Talavera tiles in magenta/marigold repeat patterns

Printable talavera tile templates: Ceramic style ceramica tiles
Cut and snip out your decorations

3) Talavera tile templates in magenta/marigold

Printable talavera tile templates - Ceramic style ceramica tiles
Choose your favourite color and get making

4) Talavera tile templates – 6 tile sets on magenta, marigold, calypso and aqua.

Craft activity - Talavera tiles to print out and decorate you home.
Talavera tiles to print out and make/

5) Talavera tile gift box templates – perfect as fiesta favour boxes.

Printable talavera tile templates - Ceramic style ceramica tiles favor boxes
Talavera box designs and templates

6) Talavera black and white templates – ideal as color in exercises.

Talavera tiles craft project templates and patterns
Talavera templates to color in your own way

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Printable talavera tile designs for great decorations at your next fiesta!
The set includes these adorable favor or gift boxes

Talavera tiles hail from Puebla, Mexico, and are formed from rich volcanic soil. Their history of Talavera tiles spans centuries, cultures and continents.

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