Festive mistletoe template + tutorial


Free to members templates and instructions to craft this mistletoe decoration for a bit of kissy wissy party fun!

1) Festive mistletoe template
2) Festive mistletoe instructions

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Festive mistletoe template + video tutorial: Download and make this mistletoe instantly

Follow our step-by-step video tutorial below and make your own mistletoe decoration in no time!

Hang the mistletoe decoration above a doorway. Instantly download the free to members pdf papercraft template. Perfect a party or a merry, merry Kiss-mas event!

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When the season of good will is upon us, it’s the perfect time to grab that kiss!

Watch the video tutorial on making a paper mistletoe

We all know about a stolen kiss from under the mistletoe, but as much as we love this Christmas tradition it’s not always that easy to get your paws on a sprig of mistletoe itself.

What you will need to make a festive mistletoe template:

 • Scissors
 • Glue stick
 • Happythought festive mistletoe template

PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) file contains the following templates/patterns:

1) Festive mistletoe template

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Keep up the tradition of Kissing under Mistletoe.

What is Mistletoe?

There are two commonly found mistletoe types. The north American mistletoe or dwarf mistletoe feature many of the same properties as the European version.

The mistletoe is slow-growing but persistent parasite plant that takes root on trees, mostly hardwoods. The roots of the mistletoe embed themselves into the trunks and branches of the host tree. When in place the mistletoe grows tubes to carry water and nutrients.

Mistletoe nestles itself in the existing branches and leaves of the host. It could be mistaken for a hanging or drooping bush with a yellowish tinge to its evergreen leaves.

Mistletoe in Spanish is muérdago. Besos!

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