Day of the Dead Cocktails: 3 easy cocktail recipes: Raspberry Mojito, Juan Collins & Tequila Sunrise!

juan collins raspberry mojito tequila sunrise printable cocktail sign
Day of the Dead Cocktails

Three great cocktail recipes to get the party started!

We’ve selected three delicious Day of the Dead cocktails that are fun and easy to make.

Starting with a delicious Juan Collins – cousin to the Tom Collins, using tequila instead of gin, next a classic Tequila Sunrise and finally my favourite, a tasty Raspberry Mojito.

juan collins printable day of the dead cocktails
Juan Collins!

Juan Collins – Day of the Dead cocktails

3 parts tequila
1 part freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 tsp superfine sugar
6 parts club soda

Pour the tequila, lemon juice, and sugar into a tall glass with ice cubes. Add some club soda. Garnish with an orange slice. Be sure to download one of our free printable drinks signs to introduce your cocktails to your guests.

tequila sunrise printable day of the dead cocktails
Tequila Sunrise!

Tequila Sunrise – Day of the Dead cocktails

1 measure tequila
1 large dash grenadine
fresh orange juice
a slice of orange

Place ice cubes in a glass so it is half full and then pour in tequila and orange juice. Tilt the glass and slowly pour in grenadine and allow it to settle at the bottom of the glass before serving. Garnish with a slice of orange.

Raspberry mojito printable cocktail sign!
Mojitos. raspberry style!

Raspberry Mojito – Day of the Dead cocktails

1.5 measures of white rum
1.5 measures of raspberry liqueur
A dash of lime juice
1/2 measure of sugar syrup
Top up of Soda water
Mint leaves

‘Muddle’ or gently crush your mint leaves and sugar syrup in a tall glass
Add crushed ice, lime juice, the raspberry liqueur and white rum. Top the glass up with soda!

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