Alebrije chihuahua puppet craft


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Templates + instructions to make this Alebrije chihuahua puppet for some crafty party fun!

• Alebrije chihuahua puppet template and instructions
• Black and White Alebrije chihuahua puppet template

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Want a fun and easy craft-making activity? Use our DIY Alebrije chihuahua hand puppet craft templates to create yours. Woof woof!

Watch, create and play with this cool DIY Alebrije chihuahua puppet video tutorial

Watch the craft tutorial and make your own paper chihuahua puppet

Make this homemade hand puppet craft, with our simple instructions and templates.

Alebrije chihuahua puppet craft templates:

3alebrije chihuahua puppet-tutorial
Great crafts for holiday activities, STEM learning and classroom art projects

PDF HIGH RESOLUTION (300 dpi) file contains the following templates/patterns:

• Alebrije chihuahua puppet instructions
• 2 Alebrije chihuahua puppet templates
• Black and White Alebrije chihuahua puppet template

This printable Alebrije chihuahua puppet craft is ideal for a party craft table, classroom, home school, fun decorations, role play, party ideas, and activities.

Ideal for a simple DIY craft activity for older kids in class or at home for some family craft time. Free for Happythought members to celebrate anytime.

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