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How to make Spicy Mulled Wine

how to make spicy mulled wine easy simple
how to make spicy mulled wine printable sign
Mexican spiced wine!

Easy recipe idea to make Spicy Mulled Wine

An aromatic and delicious hot drink, perfect for serving to your guests on arrival at your party. This ‘picante’ wine is spiced with cinnamon and peppercorns and is easy to make! How to make spicy mulled wine is easy. You will need.

2 bottles of red wine
120g/4oz brown sugar
2-3 cinnamon sticks
grated nutmeg
1 orange or a cup of orange juice
2 oz lemon juice
3 cloves
10 whole peppercorns
120ml/4fl oz brandy (optional)

Preparation: How to make Spicy Mulled Wine

First put the sugar in a large saucepan with the quartered orange, sugar, spices, and enough red wine to cover the sugar.

Let this simmer until the sugar has disolved and then bring the mixture to the boil for around 4-5 minutes, until the ingredients have formed a thick syrup. Now turn the heat down low and add the wine.

Gently simmer for around another five minutes. Take off the heat and stir in the brandy, if you are using it. Strain through a fine sieve and serve your spicy mulled wine hot.

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Make Spicy Mulled Wine: Recipe and free printable sign!

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